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I N V E R T E B R A T E 


A R T W O R K  &  I L L U S T R A T I O N


Main inspiration and reference points include observation of live and dead specimens, involving close analysis of the anatomical structure to understand and capture the mechanics of the exoskeleton as well as the sometimes surprising beauty of each subject.

It is also through study of the lives of these creatures which leads to such ongoing fascination; from the way they move, hunt and feed, to their lifecycles and their relationship with man. The folklore, superstition, religious beliefs and darker connotations linked to the insect world also play a large role in the finished work, with the more imaginative work created with these tangible foundations in mind.

Close observation provides a constant source of discovery as there is always something new to see and understand in the insect world. Invertebrates are a fundamental aspect of the way we live and an infinitely diverse group of animals which we depend on as a species. Through this artwork and illustration, the aim is to reveal a fraction of the diversity and highlight the aesthetic qualities of species which are too often overlooked or feared. 

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